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Wedding Music
My repertoire have 2,700 + songs.  Click on the table below, on the style of music you want to check. If you don't find there a special song you would like for me to perform in your event, let me know. I could learn it just for you. I customize my performance for each event.

P O P (American Standards, Oldies, Big Band, Euro Pop, Soft rock)
SOUNDTRACKS (Hollywood & Broadway)
FRENCH pop music
ITALIAN pop music
SPANISH pop music
Romantic LATIN music
IRISH songs
WEDDING MUSIC (most requested classical & contemporary songs)
Tribute: Songs from FRANK SINATRA’s repertory
Tribute: Songs from BARBRA STREISAND’s repertory
Tribute: Songs from DISNEY’s productions
Tribute: Songs from SECRET GARDEN
Tribute: Songs from the BEATLES
Music of the decades: 20's
Music of the decades: 30s'  
Music of the decades: 40s'
Music of the decades: 50s'
Music of the decades: 60s'
Music of the decades: 70s'
Music of the decades: 80s'
Music of the decades: 90s'
Music of the decades: 2000s'

If you book me, I will send you the files with my entire list of 2700+ songs, all of them with audio samples, classified by song title, by composer and by music styles. Not only it will help you to find the music you want, but also will give you ideas of songs or type of music that you could have not thought of. And if one of your special songs is not in my repertory, I will learn it for you and make it part of my repertory!

Background music: "Killing me softly"

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