Andega’s BEETHOVEN          

Male White German Shepherd dog (White Swiss Shepherd)  

This is the story (hopefully very long) of a truly beloved dog.

The objective is to show our friends and family, as well as to those who love dogs (and particularly White German Shepherds), this puppy's life.

 WHO DESIGNS THIS PAGE AND WRITES THIS STORY?  Claudia, Beethoven's forever mom.

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Last update: 25 / September / 2013

  The facts: WHO IS Andega's BEETHOVEN?  

Breed: pure breed German Shepherd dog - White - Long coated - Male

Birthday: December 16th, 2011, being identified as "Green boy" in a litter of 5 puppies (4 boys and 1 girl).

Breeder: Gabriele Wallis of Andega Shepherds, Ontario, Canada. Both parents of Beethoven were bred by Rhonda McMahan of Surefire, WA, U.S.A.

Sire (dad): Surefire Limelight Cody (click here to see Cody's pedigree with pictures).

Dam (mom): Surefire Nenya of Galadriel (click here to see Nenya's pedigree with pictures).

Pedigree: I designed this chart with Beethoven’s 5 generations pedigree, with all his ancestor's pictures.

Owners: Claudia & Steve . Steve Wilson, my husband, is a Medical Doctor (a Pathologist). I (Claudia Sanchez) am a C.P.A., but nowadays I am a full time Professional Pianist (welcome to visit me at We are married, without human children... but we do have children... four legged and very furry: Tango, our Ragdoll cat, and Truco,our Belgian Tervuren dog. Both are males.

Check some Pictures of them together (even meeting an U.F.O.!!!) and a very SCARY VIDEO!!!  (do not click on it if you are too sensitive!) They are wonderful creatures!

Home: Beethoven arrived at 8 weeks old on Feb. 11th, 2012, in our home in Indiana, PA (West-Central Pennsylvania). Video of the playground here

Name: Reasons why we chose the name Beethoven: Click here to know

Breed choice: Why did we choose a German Shepherd? For the answer click here (funny!!)


0 - Before February 10, 2012 -  While he was a very little baby and was still with his breeder




















Click here for more pictures at: 

4 weeks old with mom and siblings

5 weeks old  

6 weeks old   

7 weeks old


1 - Friday, February 10, 2012 - Traveling to Canada, to meet Beethoven and his family

Today Beethoven is 8 weeks old. And that means that finally the day is coming... Beethoven is almost with us and forever!! We started driving at 5:00 PM from home, in Indiana, PA, to Campbellford (Ontario, Canada). We knew the weather forecast had announced snow and difficult conditions, from Buffalo and ahead, but it seems that Beethoven had sent some messages to the Gods of the weather, and we had an easy driving, except until one hour before arriving in Campbellford. This last part of the trip took us the double or more time, since it was snowing, the roads were dangerous, and so we had to drive at a low speed of about 30 miles per hour, average.

We arrived in Campbellford near to 3:00 AM. We stayed in "The Waters Edge Inn", which I recommend. We got a very nice and quiet room, new, clean, comfortable.


2 - Saturday, February 11, 2012 - THIS IS THE DAY!!! WE GOT BEETHOVEN! Yesssssssss!!!!!

We thought our day was going to start very late and we would sleep the whole morning.

But guess what! At 8:00 am neither Steve or I could sleep any more. We were SO excited!!! We tried very hard to fall asleep again... no way...

Instead of writing about what happened today, check the videos and pictures I refer to as follows.

At Gabe's home (the breeder) - Her dogs - Pick up Beethoven

This 7 minute video (25 MB) will tell you all, better than a written explanation.

Also you will see there what wonderful dogs Gabe (Andega Shepherds) has, how sweet and gorgeous they are... And let me tell you: no pictures or videos make justice on what these dogs are for real... they are beyond words.

Click here to watch the video about our meeting with the breeder and the dogs (this is a video to not miss at all!)            
If you prefer, check it in YouTube, but they include unwanted advertising.

And here click to see the pictures I took

Gabe was very warm and nice with us. She takes so good care of her dogs and the puppies she breeds.

We are really pleased that we found her, and that she accepted to trust us one of this awesome puppies.

See in the picture with him in my arms... Beethoven is only 8 weeks old, I am not a small short woman (I am 5'4" tall), nevertheless see how BIG is this creature.

At 7 weeks his weigh was 16.2 pounds! (this is more than 7 kilos!) he has such a strong and well bonned structure.

So finally we said goodbye to this great family, both the human one (Gabe and her gentle husband) and the gorgeous canine family.

We took Beethoven in our arms, and started our journey back home, with this precious white and furry jewel.

Driving back home

We were prepared with a nice big kennel and all sources of supplies, from food and bottled water, to training pads, things to clean, etc. etc. Anthing and more that the puppy could need. But such a lovely ball of fur (or cotton if you prefer)... how could we place him in the kennel, and so miss the pleasure of cuddling him in our arms?

We took him instead in the passenger seat. I drove 3/4 parts of the 9 hours, while Steve had him alternatively on his lap and mostly between his feet. We stopped in 3 occasions  for potty times. He behaved like a dream dog: no "mistakes at all"! What a pleasure. He never cried, just a very little whining here and there. We tried something to calm him down: classical music... it really worked! Once again... he really deserved his name! Click to watch a 1 minute video of the first stop, in Toronto

We had left Campbellford, ON, CA at about 1:00 PM and arrived home at 10:00 PM

Arrival at Beethoven's forever home

And here we are... snowing and all, WE MADE IT!

As we entered in the driveway we called Gabe, to give her peace of mind that the baby and us arrived safe.

And now the show was about to begin.

There Tango (the cat) and Truco (the dog) were waiting for us... what they did not expect is that we didn't return alone... No matter how much and in how many languages we had explained them that they were going to have a brother... they had not believed us before.

We decided to introduce Beethoven to one at a time, and before the meeting we gave them a hint by letting them smell us, while Beethoven was left in the car.

You will like this video that shows the moment when Beethoven walked for the first time in what now he calls home, the introduction to the two "brothers" he acquired, and what happen during the first hour. One thing I can tell you: he felt immediately like this is his home, since he invaded Truco's kennel, drank his water, eat any food Truco would have missed, played and chewed his toys, started eating the new food we have bought for him without hesitation, went potty like it was the backyard he had always used, went into every room he could, and had no shyness at all. What a puppy!!!

Click here to watch this 14 minute  (53 MB) video about the arrival and first hour at his new home


3 - Sunday, February 12, 2012 - Starting a new life

Beethoven took the leadership. He took Truco, 5 times his size, like his servant, and continued using all Truco's possessions.

We permitted this situation in order that Beethoven would not feel intimidated or missing his former family. But I think he took too much the leadership.

Poor Truco started to show some kind of depression, or at least stress, by this new unexpected situation, and instead of defending his place, he witnessed helpless how he was losing his place in the house.

About Tango the situation was worse. This cat has been always the "alpha" guy, fearless and bossy. He has heard Truco as he has pleased. We expected he would let Beethoven know who is who in this home. Instead of that he kept himself the whole time in a very high dark place in our bedroom, away from everybody, in total solitude, the whole day. From being an extremely sociable cat, which would greet everybody, known or unknown, let people pet him, he went into complete isolation. The few times we went to visit him upstairs he would come purring like a machine, begging for our love and caresses. It was heartbreaking.

Also Truco, who is 7 years old and had no "mistakes" inside the house during the last 6 years, took two pisses during Sunday, inside the house, in front of Beethoven. We could not believe it.

In the meantime, Beethoven behaved like the happiest puppy in the world... eating like a lion, drinking like a camel, playing tirelessly, wanting to be always around us... and taking as many potties (solid and liquid) as he could :-)

One thing we can say: he behaved like he was born here.

To lift Truco's spirit, we did with him something that he loves more than anything in the world: playing frisbee with dad Steve. So here is what happened when we took him and Beethoven outside.

Click here to watch a 3 minute video (11 MB) outside while Truco played frisbee.


4 - Monday, February 13, 2012 - Being a happy puppy

Today things were pretty similar as yesterday.

He is so playful and fearless!

I took some pictures, since the images at his 8 weeks old are missing... he grows so fast!!!

We started to behave differently with Truco, since he showed so much stress. He was never been aggressive or tried fighting with Beethoven, but we felt he was sad by being neglected (that is something you can tell by looking into your beloved dog eyes... there is a different look... his eyes were like... he had tears.. I cannot explain, it is something you can feel, if you have a special communication with your dog). Besides, in the presence of Beethoven, Truco would drool almost constantly, something that he never did before.

So it was time to start reassuring Truco what place he had in our hearts, and that this new puppy will not deprive him of our love and attention. So when Beethoven harassed Truco, we would pet Truco and stop Beethoven, kindly, but firmly.

With Tango, the cat, nothing seemed to work. It was another day of complete auto-imposed isolation.

Anyway, we are expecting that things will improve over the days

Click here for Beethoven 8 weeks old session of pictures.


5 - Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - First visit to the Veterinarian

Just seeing Beethoven, his behavior, appearance, the breeder and all Gabe's dogs, we knew that we didn't need any visit to the vet for now. He is so healthy (besides being such a good looking boy!), but since we like to honor the contracts, and just to follow its instructions, we did what the puppy purchase required, which was that we had to take Beethoven to the Veterinarian in the first 5 days after we picked him up. This is how Beethoven had the chance to meet with Dr. Frazier (who, by the way, before practicing as a Vet, he was a Medical Doctor for human beings, but I think that, following the slogan "The more I know people, the more I love my dog" he must have felt that his time was better invested in the animals...!)

Verdict from the Vet: such a healthy and handsome puppy!

Sentence: return in two weeks for vaccination, and continuing being this playful healthy dog as he is!

At 8 weeks and 4 days old he weighs 20 pounds!!! (9 kg) So he gained 4 pounds in 8 days... In other words, he incresead 23% his weight in only 8 days... What a dog!

But let's see some of the action of the day. Click here to watch a 1 minute video at the Vet

I also took some pictures, of course. Click here to see the pics during his first visit to the vet

Truco started to be less stressed, and both brothers went together for potty time. Fortunately, Truco didn't took a piss inside home any more. We were worried that we had to housebreak not one dog, but two of them! Truco started to check every spot where Beethoven had taken a piss before, and spray a little bit of his own brand in each of them... So now his is making sure he marks the territory, of course without any bullying or agression... just the invisible mark. I think things are truly improving between the two dogs. Also I noticed Truco is drooling less in the presence of Beethoven.

On the other hand, Tango is in the same auto-isolation behavior. This is sad. We just hope that as time goes by he will start returning to be himself. Time will tell...


6 - Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - Slowly accommodating

Beethoven doesn't change: happy playful puppy, a joy to be with him... except when he took pisses and cacas inside the house... but it is what you expect from a 8 weeks old puppy. Otherwise, don't adopt a puppy. We are taking him outside every two hours or more often, day and night, but "mistakes" are inevitable. What is the medicine? Patient... patient... patient, and persistence with the rutines of taking him out very frequently.

Fortunately I didn't have any commitment to my piano performings, and this was planned on purpose this way, to be full time with the puppy the first 10 days. I had performed in two concerts the two days before we went to Canada to take home Beethoven, and I didn't accept any bookings until February 23rd. So as for today, the last time I was out of home was for the trip to Gabe's. Steve buys the groceries, I am full time home, and during the nights we are in charge of the dogs taking shifts. We need to start the process of crate training, in order that at least we can sleep in two hours intervals.

Today Truco is much better, drooling less and less, and he started to defend the one big soup bone he receives a day. The days before, Beethoven came and had to fight very little to rob the bone from his big brother. Poor Truco gave up and had to contemplate with resignation how the little creature munched his own bone. Today things were differently, as it is fair. Truco didn't give up to the bone that was given to him. At the same time Beethoven received a "Dingo" bone, but he always prefers to steal what Truco has. Today he could not! Protested... barked.. fought... but Truco said "This is mine" with a little growl.

In the meantime, Tango, for the first time, appeared downstairs. This is a great advance! He stayed for a short while, to return to the solitude, but at least showed he is not ready to call himself to be a monk. When Beethoven saw him went crazy... barking and craving to catch him. The very few seconds he could reach the cat, tried to play like with a dog, grabbing him from the neck... That is not right! Fortunately Tango is quick, smart and resourceful, so he could escape on time.


7 - Thursday, February 16, 2012 - Two months old!!!

Yes, two months old already!

And of course he had to give me a gift, I am mommy and I deserve it! So suddenly, and without warning, from having the right ear completely down, today he had the two ears up and symmetric.

He looks SO HANDSOME!!!

Please check here these lovely pictures with all ears up aiming to the sky!

He is still the same lively, hyperactive, plenty of energy happy puppy (I would say... not one for first dog owners). We are so familiar with highly energetic dogs, since Truco is a Belgian Tervuren, and these are not dogs for everybody... I would say that Beethoven, with such an outgoing temperament, ready to challenge anything in a playful way, is not for the "couch potato" type of people.

I would say that todayTruco is almost himself... He doesn't drool except a very few times in the presence of Beethoven, he is not a "boss", but still defends his daily big bone. But he is very gentle with Beethoven and does nothing when Beethoven invades his kennel and toys. They play together, and go potty together. Even I saw something so sweet. I was cooking in the kitchen and Truco came and lied on te floor. Beethoven came and lied quietly almost onto him, and fell asleep... Truco let him stay there, like a gentle big brother. It was very sweet. regrettably I didn't have the photo camera close to me. It could have been a very nice picture.

Tango is progressing too. He came downstairs many times, and kept observing Beethoven from tall places, where Beethoven couldn't reach him, but the puppy was in desperation to touch him, to reach him... and he was bullying him every chance he had. Still, with this agil smart cat it will be difficult to be caught... but just in case, we have to keep an eye on these two, you never know.

Beethoven continues with his "accidents" in the house, although I have taken him outside every one hour. Anyway... it's puppyhood... The housebreaking process is slow and requires love and patient. So here we are.


8 - Friday, February 17, 2012 -  9 weeks old... ears up... and always happy!!!

I am know "celebrating" a full week without leaving the house... the last time I drove was in the way back from Canada... I am definitely a dedicated mommy.

There is one thing this puppy cannot complain about: he is not left neglected or alone.

This coming Thursday I have to perform, but since the housekeeper has to come anyway, she will be in charge of the potty times during my absence. Steve works so many hours in the Hospital, that is hard for him to be in charge of the boy before 7:00 or 8:00 PM. This weekend I am going to have some relief with him. Steve asked me "But.. can't I go to the gym?"  I said: "No, dear... not this weekend... we are raising a baby, and I need to count on you at least the weekends during the light time of the day... Sorry". Let's see what happens... :-)

Truco is almost normal. Thank God! Tango have came downstairs many times from his former isolation, even he had stayed for whiles in the presence of Beethoven, and is showing clearly that this cute white puppy IS NOT going to be his boss. Good for Tango!

Well, the session of pictures for the 9 weeks old event had to honor his name in some way.

So click here to see his 9 weeks old pictures... at a piano!

With those ears up... oh, God... he is so gorgeous...

The vet said that the ears are going to be up and down until he is 6 months old... so we may expect that those beautiful ears that today are up become, they become asymmetric ones tomorrow... then maybe up again... and so on. We just know he is such a stunning puppy.

This is the closest to a live teddy bear you can get!


9 - Saturday, February 18, 2012 -  Singing a song... with the Coffee Swing Band!!

What... Don't you believe that Beethoven can sing? Click here and watch the video!

This thing is so funny! He keeps singing like this every morning.

What is the instinctive power that inspires him to do that? Who knows... he has nobody here from who to imitate that "trick"... 

It just came one morning out of nothing. Beethoven must want to honor his name, showing he is very sensitive to noises.


10 - Sunday, February 19, 2012 -  Oxymoron: teaching piano playing to Beethoven


Click here to see the pictures of Beethoven trying the grand piano!

I know that I will never have the chance to do a photo session like this in the future, since he is so big and heavy, and growing so fast!

So I thought these pictures would be once in a lifetime.


And also he was taking his first Tennis Lesson!

If you click here you can watch a video while Beethoven takes his first Tennis lesson! (high quality video, 38 MB) 

or if it takes too long to download, the lower resolution video is here (10 MB)





11 - Monday, February 20, 2012 -  Gentle Big Brother

We were playing ball and, obviously Beethoven, being such a playful and fearless puppy, always wanted to be in the center of the attention, and trying to steal the ball from his big "brother". In this very short video you can watch how gentle is Truco with Beethoven to recover the ball. He just waits, respecting his little brother times, and picks up the ball without causing the baby any damage.

Do you get this interaction between your older dog and the new puppy just by chance?

I don't think so... you have to always watch and teach your pets to be civilized. If you let them follow their instincts, you will get wild pets, uneducated... and that is why there are so many unfortunate dogs and cats in the shelters and rescue places. TIME, PATIENCE and LOVE is what they need.

Bearing in mind that they return you UNCONDITIONAL love, it is not too much what they ask for...

Here there are pictures sharing the place while having each a snack. These are sweet images. Big Truco is being so gentle with baby Beethoven.


A little update about Tango, the cat: he is everywhere now, instead of isolated as a week ago. He is not in fear of the new puppy, but prefers not to have too close contact, because Beethoven wants to play with him like with a dog, and that is too much for Tango.

Things will become balanced over the days... again... time and patient...


12 - Thursday, February 23, 2012 -  9 weeks and 6 days old... still in daddy's arms

Beethoven eats, plays, sleeps, drinks (LOTS of water), fights with the dog, chases the cat... but more than anything... he GROWS... and grows... uh... oh... he is not yet 10 weeks old and check how big he looks in daddy Steve's arms!!! For full size pictures click here.

We need to recognize he does NOT like to be a LAP DOG... no way... He is not aggressive or crazy when we lift him up, but he prefers to be on his 4 legs.

He doesn't like to be taken as a baby... he thinks he is a big adult dog... with the corresponding rights... :-)

The housebreaking is in process, diminishing the "accidents" in the house day by day, with a very persistent discipline of "let's go potty" trips to the backyard very often, and lots of praise when he does the right thing outside. "Good piss!!" and "Very good caca!!!" are words he knows are great things to hear, so he smiles and comes running for big hugs too. A good piss (outside) gives us a good peace (inside) :-)

Crating him during the night has helped a lot, while the alarm clock wake us up every two hours to make sure he gets a relief and keeps his kennel always clean.

Anyway, this is a logical learning process, that takes steps, and on our part it requires time, patient and love 


13 - Friday, February 24, 2012 -  10 weeks old today! 2 weeks with us... and a summary

He is growing big, beautiful and healthy. Today I had to have a "photo session", specially because these are going to be one of the last pictures that I can lift him like this in my arms.... in future pictures maybe Beethoven will be holding mommy:-) So let me show you how do we look in each other arms :-) 

Click here for the 10 weeks old pictures of Beethoven and me.

For those who found this Beethoven's page through his breeder, Andega Shepherds, must have already read the next paragraph, because it is what I wrote in Gabe's testimonials section. For those who didn't read it and would like to know, after two weeks of having Beethoven with us, about how proud we are with this happy and precious ball of fur Gabe has trusted us, please go ahead, so you also can figure out what wonderful dogs she breeds.
To summarize these two weeks, since Beethoven is with us, we can say this is a super dog in every sense. Tremendous puppy. Time will just confirm this feeling. (Well... with this pedigree we expected something truly special, but the boy is exceeding our expectations so far!)
About the look, I can say his structure is awesome, perfect scissors bite, symmetric and stunning ears, impressive black pigment in all the right places, big strong chest, well boned, very white fur, and the list goes on. Our veterinarian said "This is the old style great german shepherd dog, hard to find nowadays, and without that weird rear angulation". Big and beautiful. Strongly healthy.
About the temperament, for what we can see so far, this seems to be the dog that can do all: extremely active and lively, always in the center of the action, curious without fear, ready to lead any new challenge, quick to learn, extremely smart (he only needs one time to discover how to solve a problem), amazingly energetic, always happy and smiling.
Surprisingly he didn't show any fear or hesitation when we have made a big noise: on purpose I exploded a plastic bag to observe his reaction, what scared our older belgian shepherd dog. On the opposite, he tried to discover the source of the noise.
Beethoven plays with our dog (4 times bigger than him), during long sessions of chewing each other, and again, he is fearless.
I have the impression that with the right training and control he will be a great natural protector. Particularly I observed the behavior of his dad, Cody, when we visited the breeder, and I was more than pleased: when I was outside (at the arrival) he barked fiercely threatening me with the message "Don't dare to invade this territory, or...". But when Gabe granted me the entrance to her house, he immediately realized that I was someone to trust. And he was so extremely friendly and sweet with me (this video is a proof), I could pet and hug him like we were old friends. What a big kisser! I feel his son, our joy, has inherited this fabulous temperament of his Sire.
Beethoven is seductive and charming. If he was a man, I would fall in love helplessly! Therefore Steve, my husband, doesn't have to regret anything. On the other hand, fortunately Beethoven is not a girl, otherwise I would be so jealous when Steve hugs him :-)
Another topic I would like to mention, to let potential buyers of Andega's puppies know, is the quality of life that Gabe gives to her dogs: each dog has his/her own fenced mini backyard with adequate shelters, everything clean and neat. This is not a puppy mill. It is not by chance that Rhonda McMahan (
Surefire Shepherds), the breeder of White German Shepherds with the highest reputation of in the U.S.A. has given Gabe the quality of dogs she has for Andega's breeding program. I have no doubt that Gabe has to be the best WGSD breeder in Canada.

Steve and I couldn't be happier with Beethoven, and we are 100% sure this will remain like this during the (hopefully VERY long) life of our puppy. He is a jewel that deserves to be treasured.

14 - Saturday, February 25, 2012 -  Last snow - Talking to his "brothers" (just one at a time!)

Yesterday night started snowing again, after a peaceful week.

Click here and see these pictures where he is enjoying what may be the last snow of the winter, and by the way, see how pretty he is growing.

And here you can watch a 2 minute video (click here for high resolution 25 MB or instead here for low resolution 7 MB) while running and entertaining himself outside. He enjoys the snow so much! In some of the pictures I am not sure if I got a sheep or a dog!!! His coat is very thick and plushy, but since it is "puppy fur" (which will change completely in the next months), we cannot predict how long and / or plushy the hair is going to be. Keep checking and in the future the mystery will be solved!!! Oh... as you can see, he is needing a good bath :-)  Well, in fact he received one 2 days after he came home, but he lasted... hmmmm... 2 hours? in white condition... then with the snow... the digging on the mud... you know. Kids!

I mentioned yesterday about what a good pigment he got... Click here and you will see what I mean. (Can you believe that some people may say they are albinos???)

Seeing how much he loves being in motion, it is unusual he shows this mystic face :-)  Let's see how Beethoven looks like the RARE moments of MEDITATION!!! Click here to see these pictures.

Do you remember that at the beginning, when Beethoven arrived at his forever home, that I was very worried because our older dog,  Truco, would feel nervous and would resign any personal possessions, if Beethoven took them? Well... I am not that worried any more... this video shows you how things are coming more balanced now. Beethoven didn't change... he fights for what he wants, it is Truco who now defends his properties, although still willing to share :-) ... you will see. Click here to watch the video (14 MB, less than 2 minute long).

Also... do you remember how Tango (the cat) isolated himself at the beginning? Now you tell me who is who in this home. See it for yourself... just click here (22 MB video, 3 minute). You answer who is the boss.


15 - Sunday, February 26, 2012 -  First walk on a leash (with mom and dad)

Today Beethoven had the first walk, along the street, on a leash. We were surprised that he did so very well. We are proud. He is just 10 weeks and 2 days old.

The distance was only one block (100 m). Our house is at the end of a cul-de-sac, so it is a very safe road to walk, since the traffic is extremely reduced.

OK, instead of writing explanations about how this wonderful puppy managed his new challenge, check this 5 minute video for yourself!

Click here for the high resolution video (67 MB) or instead here for the low resolution (19 MB).


16 - Tuesday, February 28, 2012 -  Just a few samples of the everyday life

I just captured a video with scenes of the everyday life of Beethoven. You will see how these creatures are in agreement... :-)   Curious? Click here and watch this video (2.5 minute, 18 MB)

Today was a day in peace... because there was no piss!!!! (inside). The baby has behaved! (and no caca inside either!!!) The housebreaking training is starting to show it works... Hooray!!!


17 - Thursday, March 1, 2012 -  To the vet (2nd time), first vaccination

We decided to change of doctor. We have been going to the former Vet, to take care of our 8 years old cat, Tango, and our 7 years dog, Truco, since we moved to Indiana, PA, this is for almost 5 years. So we took Beethoven there too for the very first check (see post # 5). But honestly... we were not completely satisfied with the type of attention we were receiving, and have been thinking since some time ago to look for someone else.

One of the several reasons we had was the times of the clinic... only until 3:00 or 4:00 PM. Also reaching the vet would take us 20 minutes driving (each way).

Finally, and after having collect very good references on his (now) new vet, just 3 minutes driving from home, with a more flexible times, we decided to switch vets, and we are going to adopt her for Truco and Tango also.

So here is the report on the new vet: she made a very thorough check of the whole Beethoven, and of course she found him awesome :-)  

We were very impressed with the amount of time she dedicated us, and how willing she was to answer all our questions. Also her team of technicians sounded excellent and very knowledgeable. The facility is very clean and well organized. So… what else we can ask for?

Curiously, when we took Beethoven to the first (former) vet, our puppy was anxious and uneasy during the whole visit, moving and wanting to get out of the table, and then wanting to run off the whole clinic. Once outside, he refused going potty, and after too many “invitations” he finally did something.

Instead at the new vet not only he never wanted to escape or get out of the table, but seems happy and relaxed, and when he was encouraged to go potty, he had no problems to use the yard. Maybe he perceived something was not right before, and with his pleasant behavior with the new vet, he was trying to tell us: “Yes, this is it!” To confirm what I am saying, please click here to see pictures of the day, and here for the video (2 1/2 minute, 24 MB) during the visit.

When he received the vaccines (first ones since Beethoven lives with us), both through the nose and one injection, he behaved like "OK... another day at the office. What's the problem?". Good puppy!

By the way, today he is 10 weeks and 6 days old. His weight is 26 lbs., almost 12 kgs.


18 - Friday, March 2, 2012 -  Celebrating 11 weeks old!


If you can tell... just watch him belly up, munching his bone... he is definitelly a happy puppy!

No much to report today, other than showing what a handsome boy he is at 11 weeks old... big and wonderful.

Click her for the pictures taken today.





19 - Saturday, March 3, 2012 -  First visit to a pet store

We went to PETCO, to buy a few things for the furry gang. We drove one hour each way, and honestly he behaved very, very well, in every meaning. Here is a little video of the visit.

The three of us enjoyed the day togother, and I think the other two (Truco and Tango) enjoyed a nice time alone at home, as in the old times, before Beethoven joined the family.


20 - Sunday, March 4, 2012 -  In the backyard


From today, only to show just a few seconds of Beethoven in the backyard, click here for this video.

And of course... who can resist the smile of this happy, happy dog?





21 - Monday, March 5, 2012 -  Cuddling time, and on the other hand an 11 round fight with the cat... Who won?

First of all these pictures with Daddy on the couch deserve to be seen in full size, so Click here. Is he a beauty or what (hey, I mean the dog, not the man :-) !!!)

Now let's talk for a while about Tango, the cat.

Fortunately we are far away from the days I commented how he had auto-isolated himself, spending the whole time like you can see in this picture (click)  (and read post 3).

I think we have gone to the other extreme. What do you think? Judge it for yourself... I invite you to see how these two creatures - meaning Tango and Beethoven - use to talk / interact with each other nowadays. Let's say they have developped an interesting style of conversation, in their own language. Click here to watch this video (high resolution, 100 MB). You will not regret to spend these 12 minutes in it :-)  (well... at least try, and see if you can bear this one!). If you cannot open it, try the low resolution one (45 MB) here.



22 - Tuesday, March 6, 2012 -  Triple cuddling time!


Yes, the furry gang had a great time, no matter that outside it was raining. Check these pictures by clicking here.

And here there is a 3 minute video of Truco and Beethoven hugging and kissing each other.

This is one of the sweetest video you can see between them!

But no matter what the two canines do... if they play, hug or fight, the cat does what he wants.

For example watch in this video he enters in Beethoven's kennel and drinks his water, in front of him.

In the meantime, Tango enjoys the free show.




23 - Wednesday, March 7, 2012 -  Fighting for his life! (well... actually just for a toy..)

Today Beethoven shows how brave and how persistent he is. He fought with his big brother, and didn't give up until he got the toy. Click here to watch this 1'10" video (11 MB).

Also he is a great drinker, what we find it is great for his health. If we would just drink as much water as he dows, proportionally with his size. We give our pets fresh water that we renew twice a day, with ice always, because they just love that way. See how Beethoven honors the favor. Click here to watch this 1'20" video (13 MB).

And here you can see some scenes of a peaceful life of the three creatures. We are proud of them! Click here to watch this 1 minute video (13 MB).


24 - Thursday, March 8, 2012 - Why cat toys can be shared with dogs

We have put by the trash can this old toy of the cat (a scratching circular plate with a ball inside a channel, ready for the trash). But here is how our creative Beethoven found a good use of it... this is what they call "recycling", right? OK... Beethoven was in charge to show us how we need to think carefully before discarding things.

Click here to watch this 2 minute video (16 MB).

We kept the toy for a few days more, for his enjoyement, and when he finally managed to extract the ball from the channel, yes we proceeded to trash the plate. We are still looking for the ball, which by the way, we never found. We just hope he didn't swallow it... so far so good... but... you never know! We are still looking for that ball :-)

And clicking here you can see the full size image of the picture at the left, where I am not sure if he is waiting for me, or trying to tell me: "Mom, don't make noises... I do not want you to play here now", since he is blocking all the pedals.


25 - Friday, March 9, 2012 - 12 weeks old, enjoying the outdoors


Today he is 12 weeks old.

There was a nice day outside, feeling like spring time.

So there we go to have some images in motion, as well as pictures, so we remember how our white jewel looked like at this age

Click here to watch this 30 seconds video (9 MB).

And then for the pictures check them by clicking here



26 - Saturday, March 10, 2012 - If you want the door opens...Ring the bell!! (it's potty time)

One of the most stressful things, at least for us, when you receive home a new a baby dog, is the "housebreaking" process. For the puppy the entire house is a bathroom, and it is frustrating to find (or step on) a liquid or solid "gift" he leaves here and there. We started to take him out, on the grass, regularly, day and night, every two hours. But no matter how persistent we were in this training, he would take his pisses and cacas without any care about the clock. So Steve read about training the little dog to ring a bell hunging by the door where he is taken out for potty time. I told him: "I will not believe that until I see it. And if that happens, this dog is Einstein." He was so convinced with the idea, that OK... "do what you want... let's go and buy a bell". So persistently we rang the bell every time we would open the door with the command "Let's go potty". One day, about a week ago, I was at the computer, and... I heard the bell ringing... True? Is it true what I am hearing? Yes!!! he was there at the door, just waiting... Today this is a pattern. So I had to tell Steve "Here are the most wonderful words you want to hear: You were RIGHT. And by the way, this dog is Einstein, if you know what I mean." Watch the testimonial: Click here to watch this 2 minute video (23 MB). And clicking here you can watch clicking here a 1' 30" video (17 MB) of him running outside.

Finally I've got a very nice set of pictures of him today. Check these pictures by clicking here


27 - Sunday, March 11, 2012 -  Starbucks... yessss! coffee for me too!

What a day for Beethoven today!

We introduced him to the Starbucks goodies.

Steve and I love to go, sit down, relax, enjoy a good latte, talk and read the newspapers.

Truco has always came with us. So now Beethoven is entitled to the same treatment.

Starbucks gives us what they call a "puppy latte", what actually it is just whipped cream in a small cup.

This trip has meant too the very first ride that the two dogs do together.

They behaved very well, like the two best friends they are.

Here there are great pictures (really they are worth to be seen, trust me) of this adventure. Check these pictures by clicking here

And of course, images in motion can be seen too: Click here to watch this 6 minute video (55 MB).

Later, and to complete a happy day, everybody went home and had a good snack time! Click here to watch this 2' 30" minute video (25 MB).


28 - Monday, March 12, 2012 - Yes, I am hearing you!

It is always amazing how dogs turn heads when you talk to them. It is like they are letting you know "Yes, I am hearing you!" Click here to watch this 1 minute video (6 MB). Their expressions are amazing.


29 - Friday, March 16, 2012 -  3 months old today!


Today our naughty and lovely Beethoven celebrates his 3 months of age.

This morning his weight is 31.5 lbs, or 14.3 kg.

Certainly not a little tiny puppy. The ball of dur is now a BIG ball of wolly, fluffy fur.

Check these beautiful pictures by clicking here





30 - Friday, March 23, 2012 - 14 weeks old... good time for a tug of war!

It is funny to watch Beethoven trying to get the monkey toy from Truco. The poor toy lost an arm in the middle of the war, but no matter how much barking, growling or intimidation Beethoven tries... he is still too young to get the trophy. Nevertheless, it is amazing how much he persists and is fearless of his old brother threats. Click here to watch this 2 minute video (20 MB).


31 - Sunday, March 25, 2012 -  Play time, inside and outside


Playing and enjoying the nature... What a life!

Here's Beethoven enjoying this beautiful spring time. Click here to watch this 2' 30" minute video (37 MB) outdoors

And indoors he is not bored either! He has had a nice session of hugs and kisses with Truco. The "puppy noises" are really cute! Click here to watch this 2' 30" minute video (27 MB)

Finally, this is a precious face and expression that I cannot resist, check these pictures by clicking here




32 - Monday, March 26, 2012 -  Jumping on mommy, playing with daddy, and kissing the cat!


Beethoven is definitely a creature with lots of love... and he is not shy to show how much love he has to give.

Everytime he comes from the potty time outside, when Steve takes him out, and I am inside on the couch, he comes and the first thing he does is run and jump on the couch to hug and kiss me. Here is the testimonial: Click here to watch this 1 minute video (90 MB).

And here there is a happy scene of daddy playing with Beethoven on the floor, Click here to watch this 1.5 minute video (14 MB). The funny thing is that when I was editing the video, Beethoven came attracted and excited about the noise of the chewing toy... "where is it? I have to have it!"

And today he had a cute moment when he got close to the cat, and instead of trying to grab him, it seemed like he wanted to kiss him. We will never know if what Tango, the cat, really wanted was to start a fight... but let's imagine that was a kiss too. If you would like to see the full size of that picture just click here.



33 - Wednesday, March 28, 2012 -  First shower! (what does not kill you, makes you stronger! here we go...!)


At this point in time I thought that Beethoven certainly could use a bath. Due to his young age, I had doubts that in the professional grooming places he would receive an adequate treatment as a baby. He looks big but he is just a tender baby in age. I didn't want him to be handled like they do with adult dogs.

Also I was thinking he is not big enough to make it impossible for me to deal with him. So here I am preparing my own bathroom and shower to try it myself. And with the help of Steve I should be fine.

He has an appointment with his Vet tomorrow, and I wanted him to look magnificent.

OK... we did it... It was funny. It was not very difficult. We all enjoyed the duty. Click here to watch this 8 minute video (high resolution, 50 MB). or here for a smaller size (low resolution, 30 MB)

And here you will find a couple of pictures where he looks like... you tell me... Pets have such a weird look... So here is my E.T...  check these pictures by clicking here

Anyway, it seems that he had to take revenge on me after all the torture that caused him having his first shower... So this is what he did... he went for the first time to have a drink in a type of tavern that I would have never wanted him to visit... but I knew that sooner or later this was going to happen... To know what I am talking about click here to watch this 30 seconds video (4 MB), but I warn you: it is disgusting! (unless you have pets, either dogs or cats, and so you have had this experience).


34 - Thursday, March 29, 2012 -  Vet visit... again!!!


Definitely the bath we gave him yesterday was worth it. He looks SO HANDSOME, so clean, so white!

Today it was irresistible for me to take lots of pictures. Please see them by clicking here

And here there are a couple of pictures of the three brothers, with Beethoven looking so proud of his whiteness!

Check these pictures by clicking here


Then we went to the Vet. He weighs 37.2 lbs = 16.9 kgs. at almost 3.5 monts old!

He is the huggest lap dog you have ever seen!

He had an appointment for vaccination, so he saw the technicians only.

Click here to watch this 1' 25" video (high resolution, 15 MB) at the vet.

These pictures at the arrival, during the visit and leaving the vet office are very special and lovely. Do not miss them.

Click here and take a look!


35 - Friday, March 30, 2012 -  Starbucks latte for everybody!


To continue with our tradition of going to Starbucks for a latte and having a nice talk outdoors, we get the dogs to have their puppy latte and socialization, here we are, enjoying the early evening.

Today we are celebrating 15 weeks of age of Beethoven.

Check these pictures by clicking here



36 - Saturday, March 31, 2012 -  Everybody getting a ride

Today we went on the first long ride with the two dogs together. We went to a bigger town, Monroeville (a suburb of Pittsburgh),  where the shopping is much better than in this small town of Indiana, PA, where we live. But the driving time is about one hour (each way).

Beethoven and Truco shared the back of the car (with rear seats folded) of my mini SUV (a rare 2 door Toyota RAV4). I put a big blanket folded to add cushion for them to feel more comfortable.

They behaved extremely well, sharing the space like perfect buddies. They didn't cry or protest. We are amazed about how well Beethoven takes each ride.

One of the places where we shopped was PetSmart, where of course they entered with us. We are now getting used to receiving lots of compliments on Beethoven. And of course the question "A german shepherd? Really?"

The boys got a great bonus for behaving so well... we bought for them new beds for the bare floor, where they would love to munch their big bones. And the pictures honor what I am saying.

In the drive back they were even more comfortable, since we added the new beds for cushion.  We took several great pictures of the trip and the ride. Check these pictures by clicking here


37 - Friday, April 6, 2012 -  Family picture at Easter time, just at Beethoven's 16 weeks of age


Today we wanted to get a picture of the whole family, to send  good Easter wishes to our friends and family, as well as the enthusiastic followers of this blog.

And since we had nobody here to take a picture for us, we set up the 10 second delay on the photo camera, trying to put (and keep) all the boys together just for the picture.

It was very difficult! Many tries... until we got these ones check these pictures by clicking here

So by the way... Happy Easter to everybody!


And on another time of the day, here I have registered the daily tug of war.

This is short, and shows how smart Beethoven was to finally win the prize. Perfect timing, boy!

Click here to watch this less than 1 minute video (9 MB)




38 - Saturday, April 7, 2012 -  How they help the hard worker...


During the day time, and taking advantage of a day where daddy is home, Beethoven went out to "play golf" with Steve and Truco, but this will show that he doesn't seem to understand yet the rules of the game.

And here is the proof: click to watch this 30 seconds video (9 MB).

As you can see, anything can be a chewing toy for him.


I also took advantage to take these gorgeous pictures. check these pictures by clicking here

And in the evening, when I needed to practice at the piano, here it is how Beethoven treated mommy... he is not a very helpful assistant!

I am here playing the piano, surrounded by my helpers... helpers??? click to watch this 2' 30" video (68 MB).

(this video starts saying it is April 1st, but that was a mistake I could not repair, because I deleted the original file after I edited the final video, but it was recorded on April 7, 2012)


39 - Thursday, April 12, 2012 -  First puppy kindergarten class!!!

Today Beethoven has been introduced to the new world of being a dog with duties.

Now he has the job to be our skilled and obedient friend, and the path starts with consistent training, with lots of love... and cookies!

He started the puppy kindergarten classes today.

We are taking him to a good "school", and for that we have to drive almost one hour to the town were these classes are (close to Greensburg, PA).

This first class had to do mostly about socializing the puppies between themselves, so we exposed them to one of the many experiences for which they have to learn to behave and be gentle with other creatures that do not belong to their world.

If you click here you will watch this almost 6 minute video (high resolution, 75 MB). or you can click here for the smaller size of the same video (low resolution, 22 MB) that shows different moments of the class.

Needless to say, you will agree that he is the most impressive looking dog of the group. We are so proud of his beauty.

And you are welcome to check these pictures by clicking here, that were taken during the class.



40 - Saturday, April 14, 2012 -  Dear Lord, give us our daily... fight!

Of course... a little bit of a tug of war makes the day fulfilling and enjoyable. Click here to watch this 3 minute video (27 MB).


41 - Monday, April 16, 2012 -  4 months old today


Today Beethoven celebrates 4 months of age.

He is becoming such a handsome dog.

I had to take images of him on a day like today. Just check these pictures by clicking here

I also pointed on them how he is changing his hair, from "baby fur" to "adult fur".

The changes are really notable and obvious.





Beethoven is now 1 and 1/2 year old - Beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, lovely, happy, brave, playful, energetic, extremely healthy...






























During the many months I didn't put any update here, nothing has gone wrong with us or with our furry children, particularly with Beethoven, who cannot be better nor more handsome
I have been saving pictures and videos along all this time of "silence", acumulating more and more, waiting for editing, trying to find an amount of time enough to make it "perfect" and no less, and never finding that amount of time I wanted... but... trying to do it perfect I was missing the chance to make it good.
One day I started to finally doing it with all the details, and when I had almost all edited and processed, I got virus in the PC and I lost all my work... I mean all what I edited and processed. It was so frustrating. Fortunately the "raw" material (original videos and pictures) were saved separately in an external disc, and I didn't loose anything of that... just my lots of hours editing.
So then I was there like at the beginning, due to edit and process eveything from zero.
Then I started to postpone that task, traumatized by the loss (by the way, not only I lost the edited files related to Beethoven, but many other files I had elaborated about my business). Fortunately, and since many years ago, I keep all my original files of EVERYTHING in an external disc.
I thought that I would make a quick update now at least. I made an 8 pages file, with a few pictures from the last time I updated his blog in April 2012, until now that he is 19 months old. To check it go to this link:
This way you will get an idea on how he has been growing and how this marvelous criature became a fantastic dog.

He is a wonderful dog. He is beautiful and very sweet just like his breeder predicted. 
We adore him and all of his energy.
He drives me crazy... I mean... I am crazy in love with him :-) while Steve is the most proud dad.

I think Beethoven has protective instincts, and I truly like the way he defends me when strangers come too close.

He just want to make sure people understand that he is not a golden retriever with whom you are going to mess around.
He reacts exactly like what I saw in Cody (his dad) when we were at Gabe's home (his breeder).
When I arrived and Cody was outside, I thought he was going to kill me if he could (what I didn't dislike at all, because he showed me that is what a German Shepherd had to be, and that is what I wanted), but when Gabe granted us the access to her home, he was lovely and wanted to hug and kiss me, because he could read that if we were welcome by Gabe, we were good people.
Since Beethoven lives with us he has NEVER EVER been sick, not even with a diarrhea or vomited. His health is unbelievable excellent.
He has gone to the vet for vaccination and rutine controls only. By the way, last month (in August 2013) at 18 months old his weight was 85 pounds, so a bit smaller than his dad, so far.
He finished two puppy classes last year, getting his "diplomes", as well as the first level of obedience.
Our cat (Tango) was in charge of the rest of the obedience classes... :-) he is educating Beethoven to follow orders. 
We plan to begin agility classes this fall.

Last December we had him neutered, just a few days before he reached one year old, as our contract with the breeder required.

Definitely we are not going to be grandparents ever :-)
Obviously we had no intention of breeding him, but it was a pity that such a stunning dog didn't have the chance to make beautiful dogs like him. But well... hopefully Nenya and Cody (his dam and sire) can make more ones like Beethoven in the future, or have already made enough in the past to make happy several proud parents like us...
Nevertheless we think our Beethoven is unique :-)
As I get time I will put updates here including more photos and stories of  Beethoven's adventures and how he enhances our life.
For now enjoy these pictures


...... more updates are coming ..... as time goes by.....



Comments? Feedback? You can write to me at

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