Early morning in December 2008, on daily basis, passengers at Pittsburgh International Airport were treated to the beautiful piano sounds of Claudia Sanchez, the Passionate Pianist (  ). She was at the ticketing level of the Landside Terminal, performing from 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM.

It was the first time ever the airport had hired a professional musician to play for passengers and visitors on a scheduled basis.

The Director of Communications of the Allegheny County Airport Authority said in the official website of the Airport: "Claudia is an outstanding pianist and it adds a nice touch to the season and the airport".

The Passionate Pianist appeared in the Airport Newsletters, on the cover on the Indiana Gazette, Whirl Magazine (February 2009), and has been mentioned several times on the radios, newspapers and other media releases. She had the honor of receiving  a handwritten congratulation from the Senate of Pennsylvania (Don White). 

Claudia prepared a very special repertory and played a different style of music each day. She played about different 800 songs during those 3 weeks, and this was her daily program:

DAY MUSIC STYLE VIDEO high resolution VIDEO low resolution 
Wed.3  JAZZ and COLE PORTER . .
Thu. 4 POP FROM THE WORLD and COUNTRY MUSIC  click  click
Sat. 6 TANGO click  click
Mon.8 CLASSICAL MUSIC click  click
Wed.10 Soundtracks: HOLLYWOOD & BROADWAY from 20's to 60's click click
Thu. 11 Soundtracks: HOLLYWOOD & BROADWAY from 70's to 2000's click click
Fri. 12 FRENCH POP MUSIC click click
Sat. 13 ARGENTINIAN FOLK MUSIC click click
Mon.15 NEW AGE from the AMERICAS . .
Wed.17 NEW AGE from EUROPE click click
Thu. 18 POP HITS from 20's to 60's click click
Fri.19 POP HITS from 70's to 2000's click click
Sat. 20 ROMANTIC LATIN MUSIC click click
Mon.22 CHRISTMAS TUNES click click




Background music: "Ashokan farewell"

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